Patent Transfer Inc

Patent Monetization Services

Broker Services

Patent Transfer Inc. is an independent patent and IP broker that specializes in identifying high-value patented technology (including patent applications) and other intellectual property (IP) suitable for private placement or for listing at auction.

Private Brokerage Services

Patent Transfer Inc. provides private marketing and placement services for the licensing and sale of select patents, patent portfolios and other IP.  Patent Transfer Inc. also undertakes the private placement of patent applications covering valuable technology, in contrast to auctioneers and most patent brokers, who market only issued patents.   In case of private placement,  a broker fee agreement is negotiated, typically for 10 to 15 percent of proceeds.  Generally, private placement brokering requires a portfolio having at least one PCT patent application, United States patent, or United States patent application.

Auction Brokerage

Patent Transfer Inc. is paid directly by the auction house from its normal, standard sales commission. A broker’s fee paid to Patent Transfer Inc. does NOT affect the standard sales commission deducted by the auction house from the sale price amount. Therefore, payment for services of Patent Transfer Inc. does not affect in any way the final amount of sales proceeds received by an IP Seller.

Why use broker services for an auction?

Since Patent Transfer Inc. earns a broker’s fee from an auction house only in case of a sale, Patent Transfer Inc. is highly motivated to promote a successful auction.

Typical activities that might be undertaken by a patent-law professional at Patent Transfer Inc. to ensure maximum listing and sales results include:

  • assisting the Seller to identify patents and IP portfolios suitable for auction
  • presenting Seller’s portfolio to the auction house to convince the auctioneer to list it (listing is not automatic!)
  • working with Seller and auction house to determine a good Reserve Price (i.e., the minimum sale price)
  • working with Seller and auction house to identify prospective buyers
  • directly contacting prospective buyers to explain the benefits of listed patents and IP portfolios