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  • Risk-Adjusted Monetization of Patents

    Selling a patent by auction or private placement is an effective strategy for monetizing patented technology. It  shifts to the buyer the risks, costs and time of commercializing an invention.   BUYERS AND INVESTORS:  See CURRENT IP page for list of IP and technology currently available for sale/licensing.

  • Patent Auction = Risk-Adjusted Monetization Strategy

    A successful auction assembles numerous interested buyers in one place where they bid up the sale price of a patent from the minimum Reserve Price.  An auction contrasts with a typical patent licensing or sale negotiation, in which the potential buyer argues to lower the sale price. A challenge of the auction process is identifying potential buyers and convincing them to participate.

  • Patent Auction = Risk-Adjusted Monetization Strategy

    A minimum auction price, or Reserve Price, assures a patent owner of receiving a minimum return on investment. If a successful sale occurs, the Seller pays a sales commission (15%) to the auction house, as well as a small listing fee.  Another challenge of an auction is selecting an appropriate Reserve Price, not too high, not too low.

  • Private Placement = Risk-Adjusted Monetization Strategy

    Private placement of patented technology is conducted by presenting it to one or several prospective buyers or licensees and directly negotiating a price.  In many situations, private placement is more appropriate and effective than an auction.  Patent Transfer Inc. provides private placement of IP portfolios containing at least one PCT patent application, United States patent or United States patent application.

Patent Transfer Inc. is an independent patent, IP and technology broker that specializes in identifying high-value patented technology (including patent applications) and other intellectual property (IP) suitable for private placement and for listing at auction.

Patent Transfer Inc. charges no up-front fees.  In case of private placement, the company typically charges a negotiated fee in a range of 10 to 15 percent of proceeds.  In case of auction, Patent Transfer Inc. earns its auction broker fee through a commission from the independent auction house, with no additional cost to the client.

Profitably monetizing a patent is usually harder than getting the patent.

Having succeeded in obtaining patent protection of an innovative method or device, a patent owner generally has four basic choices for achieving a return on invested resources:

  1. Practicing the patented invention in-house, that is, by directly setting up production, marketing and sales of products.
  2. Licensing the invention to one or more outside enterprises in return for fees and/or royalties.
  3. Selling the patent directly to a third party.
  4. Selling the patent through auction.

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