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Patent Transfer Inc. is an independent patent, IP and technology broker that specializes in identifying high-value patented technology (including patent applications) and other intellectual property (IP) suitable for private placement and for listing at auction.

Patent Transfer Inc. charges no up-front fees.  In case of private placement, the company typically charges a negotiated fee in a range of 10 to 15 percent of proceeds.  In case of auction, Patent Transfer Inc. earns its auction broker fee through a commission from the independent auction house, with no additional cost to the client.

Profitably monetizing a patent is usually harder than getting the patent.

Having succeeded in obtaining patent protection of an innovative method or device, a patent owner generally has four basic choices for achieving a return on invested resources:

  1. Practicing the patented invention in-house, that is, by directly setting up production, marketing and sales of products.
  2. Licensing the invention to one or more outside enterprises in return for fees and/or royalties.
  3. Selling the patent directly to a third party.
  4. Selling the patent through auction.

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